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Sinofaith Talks with Visiting International MBA Students from PKU Guanghua

时间: 2019-06-24

On the morning of June 19, 2019, over 30 MBA students from 15 countries visited the Pilot Platform (Shanghai) for International Operations for the State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform (SIPOP). The students were involved in DBIC, an international exchange program of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (PKU Guanghua). At the platform, they met with Chen Shan (Account Director, Ocean Tomo China) and executives from Sinofaith IP Group, including Li Zhibin (Vice President; General Manager, Development of Technical Innovation Business), Wu Jiang (General Manager, Department of International Ecosystem Development) and Xiao Wenjun (Vice General Manager, Development of Brand Protection Business).


DBIC Basics

With the deepening of the reform and opening-up, China’s economic conditions have attracted worldwide attention in recent years. As a leading business school in the country, PKU Guanghua sets much store by giving overseas business school students, scholars, and professionals a better sense of China’s unique economic model and management experience. In 2006, Guanghua became the first domestic business school to open a short course on Doing Business in China (DBIC) for students from Hong Kong, Macao, and various countries. Fusing classroom teaching with social practice, DBIC is intended to help students fully and objectively understand China’s business culture and economic characteristics. Since the very beginning, the program has received widespread attention and recognition.

As a flagship in IP protection and one of the first companies of its kind in China to establish the modern enterprise system after wrapping up the joint-stock reforms, Sinofaith, with its unique corporate values, business model, and potential, has maintained a good reputation with the business circle, public sector, and capital markets alike. As far as the meeting was concerned, Sinofaith aimed to brief the DBIC students on its development ideas and strategic plans, so that they would get a deep, first-hand impression of how a Chinese company operates and how the domestic IP service industry is holding up.

Wu Jiang opened the meeting by giving an overview of China’s IP scene. She dwelled on the relationship between economic development and IP in world history; the past, present, and priorities of the domestic IP industry; China’s policies on IP-powered innovation and economic transformation; and measures for developing the country by relying on IP.

Sun Xianda (Under Secretary General, Operations Alliance of Pilot Platform (Shanghai) for International Operations for SIPOP) introduced the status quo and future plans of the platform.

Li Zhibin delineated Sinofaith’s general situation and ecosystem portfolio.

Xiao Wenjun elaborated on Sinofaith’s services.

Chen Shan gave an overview of Ocean Tomo China.

During the final stage of the meeting, Sinofaith answered IP-related questions from the inquisitive students. As their questions indicated, IP is a key measure of China’s business environment and degree of globalization.

The meeting ended on a high note. Later, the students presented a souvenir T-shirt to each speaker from Sinofaith.

The students highly appreciate Sinofaith’s professionalism and expertise in various fields of IP, and especially its commitment to “IP for the public good”. They look forward to staying in touch with the company. Meanwhile, Sinofaith is very glad to have compared notes with future leaders of the international business community. It firmly believes such exchanges will fill global companies with confidence in China’s IP scene and economic momentum.