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Sinofaith Partners with Lingang Group to Promote Park Enterprises' "Intelligent" Development

时间: 2016-01-26

Recently, the Sinofaith IP Group signed a strategic agreement with the Lingang Group to become its strategic partner in modern service. They will establish partnership by combining technical innovation and service innovation development during the adaptation period, and launch comprehensive strategic cooperation by guiding investment settlements, integrating public services, collaborating investment support, strengthening cluster constructions, etc.

In recent years, with the rapid transformation from "Made in China" to "Intelligently Made in China," IP service, as an essential part of modern services, is entering its rapidly developing opportunity period. Meanwhile, as an emerging industry that activates the "innovation factor" to go beyond development motive power, it has become an important supporter of China's economic development model transformation and innovative country construction.

As the only municipal enterprise with park development operations and park supporting service facilities as its main operation, the Lingang Group has more than 10 local operations (such as the Shanghai Lingang Industrial Area and Caohejing Park) and foreign park development and construction tasks as well as more than 10 urban upgrade projects. The Lingang Group truly knows the importance of "driving innovation" and has attached importance to the IP work of park enterprises for more than 10 years.

By signing the strategic agreement with Sinofaith, the Lingang Group will undoubtedly utilize Sinofaith's professional service experience and solutions in the IP field to set forth a layout; improve the comprehensive capacity of IP creation, utilization, protection and management of park and settled enterprises; and lead the park enterprises to gradually and "intelligently" develop.

According to the agreement, Sinofaith will provide the park enterprises enterprise-level customized services, IP and technology financial platform services, and capital cooperation in the innovation field, launch brand and pubic welfare cooperation in the IP and technical innovation field, positively explore and practice the IP service enterprises' online to offline (O2O) service modes, and establish an "IP and law service innovation collection area" with Lingang Group. They will jointly establish projects, such as the "Group Innovation Space" and the "Radical Innovation Forum."

As a leader enterprise in the domestic IP protection industry, Sinofaith provides a systematically comprehensive solution to the IP protection industry. Its service covers a full phase of "acquiring IPs, safeguarding IPs, and utilizing IPs." Sinofaith can help enterprises to improve their comprehensive capacity by taking advantage of the IP and guarantee that the enterprise can deal with an everchanging and complex environment. With the rapid development of the Internet economy, Sinofaith has been performing continuous explorations under the traditional service mode, thus bringing forth overall internetization to the traditional IP and service industry. With its professional service teams, forward-thinking service concept, and the rapid increase of Internet and capital capacity, Sinofaith will intentionally get a vertical development in the industry and meet different requirements of customers in a one-stop mode as well as construct a healthy ecosystem of IP industry.

The present partnership will effectively promote the integrative development of park enterprises and IP service enterprises as well as establish and consolidate the support role of the IP service industry in regional economics.