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Cathay IP serves as a gateway for local and international businesses to their partners and contributors on the global market, including China. Spanning 30+ countries on 5 continents, we are your ultimate “one stop shop” partner for all Intellectual Property related matters including:

·        Patents

·        Trademarks

·        Industrial designs

·        Prosecution and enforcement

·        Licensing

·        Commercialisation

·        IP finance

·        Data service

And much more

Providing you the opportunity to satisfy all your needs through a local Cathay IP office near you:

·        Europe: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine

·        Asia: Bangladesh, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand

·        Africa: Angola, Mauritius, Mozambique

·        Middle East: Israel, Iran

·        Americas:  Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay

Cathay IP is part of the Cathay global network. We are proud to be capable of thinking simultaneously with both a Western and an Oriental mindset. We build bridges that arch over massive distances physically and figuratively speaking. We can establish connections that could not exist without our expertise. Hundreds of business minded, market leading IP experts offer you integrated, seamless services, one point of contact, supported by a unified international team.

It is our core mandate to help you manage and protect your Intellectual Property rights as an essential component to your business success. We work globally, with a special focus on China.

Our Chinese partner, Sinofaith is the leader in IP protection in China and employs over 1,000 people. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has subsidiaries in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Chicago, San Francisco and etc.

Sinofaith has the strength and expertise to act as our Chinese expert for both outbound and inbound IP requirements, no matter where your business is located.

Regardless of the profile or size of your company, the products you make or the services you provide, one thing is certain: the proper handling of Intellectual Property issues will enhance your company’s market value and expand its trade and export opportunities.

To find out how Cathay IP can make this happen, please contact us direct or through this website and discover the opportunities Cathay IP offers you and your company.



“The strength to protect”

China and worldwide.