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• Being the Ecological Partner of Alibaba's Intellectual Property Service Market, Sinofaith's Flagship Store for IP Services is Officially Operational.


• Sinofaith's Brand Protection BU hereby is awarded as Outstanding IP Service Team in China (2018)


• Establishing the Intellectual Property Education Practice Base and Sinofaith Scholarship in Kaiyuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


• The "2018 Hunan Sinofaith Cup Intellectual Property Knowledge Competition" sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office and Hunan Provincial Education Department was successfully held.


• Together with Zhuzhou High-tech Group, Sinofaith built a platform named DongLiHui for intellectual property rights operation.


• The State Copyright Administration and the National Office of Eradicating Pornography and Fighting Illegal Publications jointly issued the top ten cases of cracking down on infringement and piracy in China in 2017. Two cases conducted by Sinofaith were selected successfully. 


• Being awarded Annual Top 10 Best Intellectual Property Operation Organizations by the Fifth Power Nation Intellectual Property Forum 2018.


• Four cases conducted by Sinofaith being selected Top Ten Cases in IP Protection, Non-Criminal Top Ten Cases in IP Protection and Model Cases Bridging Administrative and Judicial IP Enforcement by  the 2017-2018 QBPC Annual Meeting.


• Jointly setting up Shenzhen Shiyi Trade Secret Consulting Company with Shenzhen Zhongyi Intellectual Property Company, focusing on providing trade secret management solutions.


• Being selected in the List of the Third Batch of "National Intellectual Property Service Branding Agency" by the State Intellectual Property Office.


• Signing strategic agreement with the Hainan Intellectual Property Office, helping Hainan's intellectual property operation.


• Releasing "China Intelligent Network Auto Industry Technology Research and Development and Property Rights Blue Book" jointly with the China New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Industry Investment Alliance.


• Beijing elected as the vice chairman of Shanghai Intellectual Property Services Association.


• Participating in hosting the "Intellectual Property Operations and Urban Innovation Peak Forum" during the "Eleventh China International Patent Technology and Products Fair" jointly sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the Liaoning Provincial Government in Dalian in August 2018.


• Strategically investing Beijing Zhong Jin Hao Asset Appraisal Co., Ltd. 


• Strategically investing Shanghai Bili Patent Assessment Technology Co., Ltd. 


• As the sole professional partner in the final of the 2017 Alibaba Battle of the Gods Global Creator Competition, Sinofaith provides intellectual property service support.


• Strategically investing "Knight of Rights" (Sword Bean Network)


• Sinofaith reached strategic cooperation with Ocean Tomo, an intelligent capital commercial banking company of the United States.


• Sinofaith sponsored the Intellectual Property Finance Forum in the 2017 China International Trademark Brand Festival.


• The first intellectual property museum in Shanghai was officially opened to the public, which was designed and built by Sinofaith.


• Under the guidance of the State Intellectual Property Office, Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office, in conjunction with Sinofaith and Golden Eagle Documentary Satellite TV, launched the first large-scale documentary focusing on intellectual property rights in China.


• Accomplishing C round financing.


• Being awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of National Patent System" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the State Intellectual Property Office.


• Being selected into the Specialized and New SMEs List of Shanghai 2016 as the only intellectual property service organization.


• Hunan Sinofaith and Shenzhen Sinofaith set up.


• Investing in Shanghai ALFILO Co..


• Being selected as one of the National Intellectual Property Brand Organizations.


• Being selected as one of the Annual Influential IPR Agencies.


• Winning the Annual Outstanding Contribution Award in China’s Intellectual Property Industry.

2015 • Participating in the compilation and issuance of the China’s Anti-counterfeit Annual Report of 2014  jointly with the China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA).

• Being selected as one of the pilot units in the second batch of the Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone.


• Winning the Special Award of Merit by the Shanghai Services Federation.


• Being selected as one of the national patent operation pilot enterprises in the second batch.   


• Being awarded the Annual  Most Valuable Company of China’s Intellectual Property Industry by the 5th China IP Annual Forum.


• Sinofaith was selected in the Recommended List of China’s IP Service Providers of “the 4th China IP Annual Forum”.


• Sinofaith joined the Shanghai Modern Service Association.


• IPRSEE, an Internet IP monitoring and protection platform, was formally launched. 


• Sinofaith became the designated IP service provider of the “China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition” hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


•  Sinofaith settled in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, systematically integrating the comprehensive IP services in the park. 

  •  Sinofaith received two rounds of investment in 2012 and 2014, totaling about RMB 100 million.          
2013 • Through joint-stock system reform, Shanghai Sinofaith IP Group Co., Ltd. was established.

•  Sinofaith was selected in the “the 8th Zero2IPO Venture Top 50”.


• Sinofaith set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Beijing and Guangzhou.

  • Sinofaith introduced equity investment institutions.          
2011 • Sinofaith acquired Shanghai Maixiang Technology Co., Ltd.
2009 • Shanghai Sinofaith IP Service Co., Ltd. was established.