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Administrative Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Information Sharing Platform

The Administrative Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Information Sharing Platform is developed in order to boost resource sharing between the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice organs, and establish an important working mechanism of “online coordination and information sharing”. Jointly implemented by procuratorial organs together with administrative law enforcement organs, public security organs and administrative supervision organs, it is aimed to prevent the occurrence of replacing punishments with fines, refusing to investigate offenses, degrading treatment in the process of law enforcement, and timely submission of criminal cases investigated and dealt with during administrative law enforcement to judicial organs for handling according to the law.



               Operation Interface of the Platform

This platform mainly has the following functions:

  • Administration by law and prevention of malpractice;

  • Improving the cooperation efficiency of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice;

  • Improving networked early warning ability, and prevention and control levels;

  • Boosting the information construction of domestic governments.


Obligee Service Platform Featuring Coordination between Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in IP Protection

By virtue of the resource advantages through Maixiang Company having cooperated with governmental departments for years on “e-government affairs” construction in the IP law enforcement area, the obligee platform not only makes the connection of traditional business and the governmental enforcement departments convenient, systematic and transparent, but also forms a unified window for enterprise services. Gathering the law enforcement resource advantages, it builds upon the unique competitive advantages of Sinofaith.


IP Law Enforcement Information Database

Through years of providing law enforcement information services, Sinofaith has collected related public information of law enforcement departments, and formed a powerful and authoritative IP law enforcement information database, providing convenient data support for IP protection for lawyers and professional institutions.




About Shanghai Maixiang Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Maixiang Technology Co., Ltd.   a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinofaith, is dedicated to improving the law enforcement protection efficiency of government departments through IP informatization, improving internal IP protection management of enterprises, and providing customers with comprehensive solutions and quality products by means of rich information construction experience in cross-system and cross-department information sharing areas.