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Market leadership
Having been professional practitioners over decades, Sinofaith present is at the high speed development phase, having offices in over 30 cities in China the business scope radiation to both nationwide and abroad.
Business model innovation
As a professional service company, Sinofaith has always been to innovation as the main driving force of the development, to build a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Sinofaith pioneered the brand new SaaS service mode, which interpret as “consulting + outsourcing + infomationization”, to provide IPR protection online, electronic-governing and business service.
  • Sinofaith realized a true O2O "one-stop" service with outstanding technological advantage and executive ability, and improve the customers’ satisfaction and dependence.
The application of Mobile Internet technology
Supported by the advanced mobile Internet technology, Sinofaith develops different product portfolio to meet the new demands in the Big Data era, and truly realized the O2O service mode.
Rich experience in the IPR industry
The company is operated with a team of professional managers in which each member is equipped with interdisciplinary professional background. Their skills and experience ensure the company staying on top of market trends and effective execution of management decisions. The outstanding management and operation sustains the company on top of rapid market changes and intensive market competitions.