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 Consultation Service for Growing Enterprises

Sinofaith provides domestic growth enterprises with an IP protection consultation service portfolio, including consulting service, diagnosis service, daily management, S&T competition intelligence, internal training, legal opinion and IP protection.


 IP Diagnosis Consultation

Through one-to-one meetings and training, Sinofaith provides enterprises with rapid IP diagnosis and early warning services, rapidly builds an IP resources network for customers, helps enterprises sort the management systems of intangible assets such as technologies, brands and IP rights, and identifies operational risks and problems.


 IP Management Information System

This system is aimed to help enterprises with a certain IP scale optimize management and improve the IP application value in the full IP life cycle including the obtaining of rights, rights use, rights protection, etc. With rich experience, Sinofaith has increased investment to build and gradually improve the professional databases in the self-owned IP areas.


 Competitive Intelligence Investigation and Analysis

Our investigation experience enables us to specialize in first-hand information collection. With profound understanding of industry, rich experience in the competitive intelligence area and skillful operation of market research projects, Sinofaith has served as one of the few companies possessing market research and competitive intelligence abilities.



About Glorious-Sinofaith (Guangzhou) IP Consultant Co., Ltd.

Based on the existing IP business of Sinofaith, Glorious-Sinofaith (Guangzhou) IP Consultant Co., Ltd. is dedicated to actively exploring the commercial IP consulting business mode, and has been recognized by the “IP Comprehensive Demonstration Park” of the “Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City” jointly built by Chinese and Singaporean governments, making it a partner of the park.


Through cooperation with the park in 2014, it will actively expand the IP operation management with focus on IP value protection, to expand the company’s existing IP protection business from “rights protection” and “rights obtaining” to “rights use”, thus forming a sophisticated and comprehensive business portfolio of IP ownership protection, rights protection and value protection in the whole process of “obtaining, protecting and using rights”.