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Sinofaith has been our trusted partner for a long time in our implementation of intellectual property protection strategy.


——A Global Electric Group






Sinofaith established a very professional and efficient team for our demands in a short time. We are very satisfied with their respected occupation spirit in the professional field.


——A Semiconductor Company






They are professional, efficient and thoughtful.


——A Famous Internet Company





It is amazing that Sinofaith not only cracked down on infringement but also sought compensation of nearly 10 million in the Chongqing Case for us.


——An American Digital Company





Sinofaith is an important partner of our anti-counterfeiting projects for many years. Although the anti-counterfeiting work is hard, Sinofaith shares the same sense of mission and vision with us. We believe that a solid and stable cooperative relationship can help both sides to overcome difficulties and jointly meet the challenges of the future.


——A Global IT Firm






IPRSEE Platform has become our most important brand protection solution, through which we have achieved the effect of network monitoring, rapid response and precision strikes.


——A Global Cosmetic Group






Your company has put forward a practical and appropriate plan for the anti-counterfeiting affairs during 2014 period, and has made outstanding contributions to the realization of the scheme. In addition to your experienced professional team and customer service team, your core value of "justice, professional and innovative" and your outstanding personnel management ability in cases and survey are also the reasons why we could achieve such good results. We deeply admire all of that!


——A Well-known Company in Japan






Focusing on executive power, Sinofaith is able to put forward a comprehensive, professional, forward-looking solution for complex and difficult cases, which left us a very deep impression and satisfied us deeply.


——An Outstanding Interactive Entertainment Company





Sinofaith, the IPR protection agency, has a long-term cooperation with our group. Sinofaith specializes in intellectual property strategy planning, government relations, market monitoring, network rights, litigation support and many other services, including trademark, patent, copyright, anti-unfair competition etc. During our long-term cooperation, Sinofaith has established a dedicated service team to provide efficient and professional services to help us solve the problem in the field of intellectual property and provide a strong support to the legitimate rights of our group.


——The Biggest Chinese Digital Library in China






Sinofaith, the leading company of Intellectual Property, prevents and cracks down on infringing acts accurately and effectively with its professional team and excellent business capability to safeguard our interests. Sinofaith lives up to its reputation.


——The Biggest Publishing Group in China






Sinofaith upholds the idea “protection promotes application”. Sinofaith applies its comprehensive strength of professional and business planning to help us achieve the first domestic patent licensing case.


——A Well-known High-tech Company in China






With its industry research, legal professional and business planning ability, Sinofaith helps our company to handle nineteen administrative law enforcement cases of patent infringement within a year, which achieved a very good market effect. Thank you!


——A Famous Digital Brand in Japan