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Sinofaith Assists Economic Crime Investigation Division of Hunan Public Security Department

时间: 2019-01-25

Dedicated to intellectual property protection, Sinofaith IP Group (Sinofaith) has managed to meet the social need in new situations and scored impressive achievements by continuous innovation. Currently, Sinofaith is accelerating the construction of an IP ecosystem, especially in the IP rights protection field. Relying on a strong one-stop solution which considers the actual requirements of public security, we have brought profound changes to the industry.

On the afternoon of January 17, the case report on a crackdown on fake car brake pads and the symposium on auto parts IP rights protection was held in the Economic Crime Investigation Division under Hunan Provincial Public Security Department. The symposium was attended by related officials from the Economic Crime Investigation Division of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, the Economic Crime Investigation Detachment of Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Economic Crime Investigation Team of Hengnan County Public Security Bureau, as well as representatives of the German Association of the Automobile Industry, auto companies like Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and IP rights protection companies like Sinofaith.

In 2018, led by the Economic Crime Investigation Division and directed by the IP Rights Protection Detachment, the Economic Crime Investigation Team of Hengnan County Public Security Bureau successfully solved a case involving fake car brake pad production and sales. Nineteen suspects were arrested and the amount of money involved was over RMB 300 million. This case breaks the record of fake car brake pad cases over the past decade in terms of the number of brands involved and counterfeit products. The teams engaged in the case are highly praised by the Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation under the Ministry of Public Security and the public.

The case was chosen by the Hunan Economic Crime Inspection Division as a typical IP case to participate in the “Lunjian 2018” competition (a national event to assess the application of big data and intelligent technologies in economic crime inspection). The Hunan Economic Crime Inspection Division has precisely cracked down on the counterfeit industry chain by big-data analysis, which shows the high-level application of IT in Hunan economic crime inspection system. Sinofaith data analysis team provided technical support for the Hunan Economic Crime Inspection Division in case data analysis and participated in inviting several auto companies to attend the symposium.

Mr. Zhang Boqiang, deputy chief of the Hunan Economic Crime Inspection Division, said that recent years saw rampant increase in IP infringements, which gravely threatens the life and property security of the public, damages the interests of rights holders, disturbs the order of the socialist market economy, and negatively impacts the economic development, national image and development strategies of China. It is a major duty of the Economic Crime Inspection Division to crack down on IP infringements. Sinofaith believed that an IT-based crime-fighting mechanism with intelligence-guided inspection as its core should be put into place to facilitate collaboration between the police and companies and encourage companies to actively participate in fighting infringements and counterfeits. That is how we can achieve efficient and precise crackdown on IP crimes characterized by covert, cross-regional, and organized operation.

At the symposium, the attendees presented silk banners to Hunan economic crime inspection teams as a way to express sincere gratitude for their hard work on combating IP crimes and protecting the legitimate interests of rights holders. The attendees held thorough discussions on police-enterprise collaboration in crackdown on auto parts crimes and construction of clue transfer, information sharing, bridging administrative and judicial IP enforcement and international police cooperation mechanisms.

Playing a leading role in the IP rights protection field, Sinofaith is guiding the industry to become more sophisticated and professional. Sinofaith is strong from within. Continuous innovation proves our professional strengths ahead of the times. Going forward, Sinofaith will continue to achieve more impressive results in the IP rights protection field.