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Sinofaith Attends IACC 2019 Annual Spring Conference and INTA 141st Annual Meeting in Boston

时间: 2019-05-30

In the pleasant month of May, Boston, the “cradle of American history”, becomes a focus of IP professionals around the world. From May 15 to 22, the city observed the grand opening of two global industrial events, namely the 2019 Annual Spring Conference of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) and the 141st Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA).

Sinofaith IP Group, a long-term partner of the events and one of China’s largest IP operators and protectors, was invited together with 11,000 guests from over 150 countries.

This year’s Spring Conference is particularly momentous as the IACC turns 40. The conference connects the dots between the latest industry dynamics and best practices with business leaders, security czars, government officials and frontline legal workers. Guests from all over the world swapped notes on the up-to-the-minute IP trends and solutions. Sinofaith’s exhibition stand, in particular, drew large crowds. Visitors expressed their eagerness to cooperate amidst admiration for our amazing development.

Ms. Joann Chan (second from the left), Sinofaith Vice President, and Mr. Iain Grant (first from the left), a Sinofaith consultant, are answering questions at the conference



Focused on the fast-changing global IP scene, the 2019 INTA Annual Meeting covered topics of industry-wide concern, including “Combating Counterfeits and Piracy on the Internet Highway and in Digital Media”, “A Year of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Access to WHOIS Data: Impact and Outlook for Brand Enforcement”, “How to Fit the AI in TM: Keeping Up With the Joneses and the Jetsons”, “The Future of IP Law Firms in the Digital Age”, and “The Times They Are a Changin’: Maximizing the Perspectives Around Us”. In five days, IP professionals around the world talked at all sorts of strategic meetings about business development and expansion opportunities.

Sinofaith also conducted extensive and intensive discussions with international trademark heavyweights. We expanded our social and business network while sharing our proven experience and the latest global trends in IP management with partners and peers.

We hope these events will be conducive to both our company and our industry. Indeed, they give our new international friends a better sense of Sinofaith’s IP achievements and outstanding professionalism. Committed to “safeguarding the innovative powers”, we will spare no effort in contributing to IP protection in China and the world. Wait till next year to see how far we have come.