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Trade Secret Protection | Suzhou Sinofaith Joins Hands with 18 Providers of Guidance on Trade Secret

时间: 2023-06-12

On April 25, the Office of the Leading Group of Suzhou for Promoting Pilot Trade Secret Protection Programs (“the Office”) conducted the 2023 Conference for Promoting Trade Secret Protection Service Providers in Suzhou.


Suzhou Sinofaith Intellectual Property Data Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as a service provider and signed MOUs with 18 Providers of Guidance on Trade Secret Protection (Guidance Providers) in Suzhou to help enterprises secure trade secrets.



The conference was organized by the Office and was attended by more than 160 participants, including representatives of members of the Office and the municipal (district) administrations for market regulation, heads of the first batch of Guidance Providers (intermediaries) in Suzhou (18 in total), representatives of some model enterprises for trade secret protection, and relevant service agencies. Attendees at the meeting include Shi Weibing, Director of the Office and Deputy Director of the Suzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, Wang Anfang, Deputy Director of the Secrecy Bureau of Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Yang Junwei, Deputy Director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice.



Suzhou Sinofaith provides four types of services, namely trade secret protection training, consultation, assessment, and management evaluation for enterprises covered by each Guidance Provider.


The "TS MET" trade secret mini-program developed by Sinofaith was also launched to provide enterprises with trade secret management, evaluation, and research services, help them evaluate their trade secret management, and offer them basic suggestions for improvement. Suzhou Sinofaith is committed to providing enterprises with a better understanding of the facts and figures about trade secret protection in various industries and promptly addressing their needs for trade secret protection in a more professional, targeted, and efficient manner.