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Sinofaith Holds 2019 China Intellectual Property Commercial Operations Conference

时间: 2019-06-24

Intellectual property rights refer to the property rights granted to persons over the creations of their own minds. As time goes on, IP protection is becoming a common endeavor of various industries, especially the tech scene. On June 21, the 2019 China Intellectual Property Commercial Operations Conference, co-hosted by Sinofaith IP Group, was held with much fanfare in Juyuan New Area, Jiading District, Shanghai. The conference was attended by 400 professionals from related sectors at home and abroad.

Sinofaith’s booth

Focused on the “New era of IP trading and licensing”, executives, experts, and scholars probed into the integration of IP with innovation resources, industries, and financial capital amid international competitions, under the rubrics of “licensing and trade” and “operations and practices”. At the “patent roadshow and auction” section, an innovation of the conference itself, 21 patents in eight portfolios were put on the block. Among them, five patents (three auction targets) were sold on the spot for a total price of RMB 550,000.

As Qiu Jichun (Vice Governor of Jiading District) put it at the conference, Jiading has devoted so much to the IP industry that it ranked third among districts in Shanghai by patent applications and grants for two consecutive years (2017 and 2018). The past two China Intellectual Property Commercial Operation Conferences, along with the newly established Yangtze River Delta IP Operations Alliance, have set in motion a new model of “government-led, market-oriented, joint” IP operations. Together they have built a broader platform to fully improve the services for IP creation, protection, and application.

“In recent years, IP operations have gradually become both a hot topic and a tough challenge in China’s IP scene,” said Zhang Yongzhong (Deputy Director General, Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration). He noted that Shanghai, as opposed to other cities, is increasingly enthusiastic and prepared for IP operations.

Lu Xiaozhong (Secretary, Party Working Committee, Juyuan New Area) defined IP as a local priority over the past few years. An IP, he argues, can never show its true value unless it is commercialized. Indeed, IP commercialization is what the conference regarded as a new industry trend.

The conference also staged the unveiling ceremony of the “Teaching and Practice Base for the Popularization of IP Laws” and the “Jiading Gathering Point for Technology Brokers in Shanghai”.

Miao Runkun (Senior Project Manager, Ocean Tomo China) announced the patents for sale.

Rupert Varnai (CEO of Cathay IP, a partner of Sinofaith) delivered a speech entitled “China IP and the BRI from a Risk and Opportunity Point of View”.

The conference raised a wide array of deep industry topics. As the world’s leading IP service brand, Sinofaith has always attached great importance to international exchanges. Its contributions as a conference co-host are highly recognized by the sponsor and guests alike. In the future, Sinofaith will seek more opportunities for international cooperation, aiming to push China’s IP scene further down the smooth path to internationalization.