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An Infinite Journey with Faith | Sinofaith Sets up Second Headquarters in YNUSTC

时间: 2019-10-19

On October 17, the Management Committee of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, Yuelu District People's Government, Changsha and Sinofaith IP Group (Sinofaith) officially signed an agreement. To improve the abilities of Yuelushan National University Science and Technology City ("YNUSTC") in IP protection, research result application, platform building and professional services, and build it into a beautiful university city, a leading science and technology city and a tiptop innovation city, Sinofaith will officially set up its second headquarters at the technological innovation hub of YNUSTC under the guidance of the CPC Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Changsha, further fueling the innovation and business startup in the city.

Zhu Jian, Deputy Secretary of CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and Director of the Promotion Committee of YNUSTC, Chen Bozhang, Deputy Director-general and Member of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, Wang Weibin, Vice President and Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Hunan University, Wang Shanping, Vice President of Hunan Normal University, Luo Shehui and Ling Qinjie, Members of the CPC Working Committee and Deputy Directors of the Management Committee of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, and Dai Zhongya, Associate Inspector at the Management Committee of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

Zhu introduced YNUSTC's technological innovation ecosystem from eight aspects, namely, launch of innovative policies, development of platform economy, gathering of innovation resources, highlight of scenario-based applications, enhancement of capital support, consolidation of talent support, optimization of business environment and improvement of environment. 

Secretary Zhu introduced YNUSTC's technological innovation ecosystem

Sinofaith CEO Kevin Sun delivered a speech as a representative of the agreement-signing company Sun expressed his gratitude to officials of the CPC Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Changsha for their care and support for Sinofaith first. He introduced the company and the outlook for the future development of the second headquarters. The second headquarters will set the stage for Sinofaith's further development. It is the global headquarters for Sinofaith's innovation ecosystem, as well as the company's headquarters for copyright operations, Sun noted, adding that the headquarters will focus on technological and cultural innovation to bolster the integrated development of Changsha and industry as well as the high-quality economic development of the city.

Sinofaith CEO Kevin Sun delivered a speech

The signing of the agreement signified that Sinofaith will officially break ground on its second headquarters. Sinofaith's Hunan subsidiary will be responsible for the construction. In the future, the headquarters will focus on the introduction of professional services and development of innovative business formats. It will leverage on technological and cultural innovation to build an IP operation model underpinned by IP services, investment and financing, and industry development. It will center on the construction of three platforms, namely, a national geographical indication industrialization platform, a national big data innovative application center and an international IP entrepreneurship community in its efforts to support technological innovation. In addition, it will bring the award ceremony of Global Startup Awards (GSA) to Changsha. As for cultural innovation, the headquarters will team up with the Hunan Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau to launch an international online radio, TV and movie program trade center in Malanshan to make Malanshan an international IP protection base.

Embarking on an infinite journey with faith, Sinofaith's second headquarters will adhere to the value of "prioritizing innovation, learning from partners and upholding integrity", gather advantageous resources to fully push ahead with the construction of various projects and push for its strategic cooperation goals as soon as possible. Sinofaith will strive for outstanding performances and remarkable achievements in response to officials at all levels for their care and expectations.