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Shanghai Police Solves the Biggest IPR Criminal Case in Pudong; Sinofaith Provides Forei

时间: 2020-01-21

The police in Pudong, Shanghai has recently cracked a major counterfeiting case worth more than RMB 50 million. In a raid launched simultaneously in seven places in four provinces, the police arrested 103 suspects, destroyed 20 counterfeiting dens, sealed up five underground counterfeiting factories and warehouses, and seized over 470,000 fake German Henkel Loctite trademarked adhesives. This year-end operation, which uncovered the biggest IPR criminal case in Pudong, has effectively deterred IPR crimes and demonstrated the police's determination and strength in protecting intellectual property rights. At the same time, the operation has protected the legitimate rights and interests of foreign enterprises in China and highlighted the favorable business environment in Pudong.

German Henkel Loctite adhesives, although mainly used in industrial production, are closely linked to our daily lives. Fake adhesives will directly affect the quality of industrial products, such as electronic products, synthetic materials, and engineering products, which will not only disturb the market order, but also bring potential safety risks. What's worse, fake products will chip away at brand owners' profitability and reputation.

In this case, Sinofaith, as an IPR protection expert, accepted the entrustment of Henkel, Germany, and provided the company with the "one-stop" IPR services throughout the process, which has greatly helped Pudong police in cracking the case.

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