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IPRSEE Net-Tech IP Protection Platform (Lite Editon)

时间: 2014-07-16




IPRSEE (IPR Security Eagle Eye) is a platform in which e-commerce and social networking sites data can be flexibly searched and captured general search engines simultaneously the system conducts storage, cleaning, analysis and display of the captured date creating a brand protection and anti-counterfeiting business package. The system allows users to analyze and process the collected text information forming analysis reports which can illustrate different dimensions such as time, space, types of goods, brand and business labels. The system acts as the eyes of a company's legal and marketing departments providing real time online market monitoring.

IPRSEE has multi-dimensional screening and deep mining features designed to deliver leadingedge targeted online infringement search functionality. These protocols are supported by highly developed data analysis and comparison techniques which provide clear guidance and tailor made evidential packages for law enforcement agencies. In addition, operating the most potent and effective China based offline investigation service, Sinofaith has developed extensive law enforcement relationships and maintains a mature litigation management division. All these competencies combine to form an unprecedented one-stop Internet IPR protection solution based on the IPRSEE program.

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