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The Consumer Electronics Industry Will Have A New Channel for Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

时间: 2016-03-02

On March 10, the CECC will sign an agreement which will introduce IPRSEE, a third party Internet IP protection platform, for the first time at the 10th Conference of the Consumer Electronics Industry' s Customer Service.

With the arrival of the second Internet revolution, the state is vigorously promoting public entrepreneurship and innovation. E-commerce that uses "Internet +" as the main body is flourishing and becoming a new engine of Chinese economic growth. At the same time, however, IP infringements are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence. Due to the Internet, the occurrence and spread of IP infringement has become more convenient and cheaper. The infringement modes tend to be more diversified; the principal part of infringement transfers from off-line to on-line; piecemeal and scattered infringement has become untraceable; and IP protection has broken away from the original operation mode. All of these have become serious challenges for traditionally regulating.

knowing how to take advantage of novel information technology means to inhibit this tendency that infringement and counterfeiting is going to burst in the Internet sphere to clean up the Internet trading environment has become an unavoidable problem for the government and society. As the largest association in the domestic electronics industry' s circulation field, the CECC enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign electronic information industry field. The CECC upholds its purpose of "providing a favorable market environment for production and business in the electronic information industry". After more than 20 years of development, the CECC has gradually been formed an advantage, providing service to general members and domestic and foreign enterprises which are interested in cooperating with the CECC.

To implement the suggestions of the State Council's General Office on the requirement for strengthening the infringement and counterfeiting governance on the Internet (GBF [2015] No. 77), the CECC will sign an agreement to introduce IPRSEE, a third-party Internet IP protection platform for the first time. It will take responsibility for supervising infringement and counterfeiting to provide its members with IP protection services, including operations services, technical services, and business cooperation services. IPRSEE is reported to be the IP protection services platform which is independently researched by Sinofaith, the largest IP protection agency in China. Through Internet data analysis technology, Sinofaith provides many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and government regulators with an integrated Internet IP protection solution, including monitoring, early warning, authorization, rapid response, legal relief, effect evaluation, and more. By then, business representatives from Millet, Samsung, Hongtusanbao, Haier, Lenovo Mobile, and more, will also attend the conference for joint communication and discussion.

In cooperation with Sinofaith for the first time, the CECC is trying to introduce IPRSEE, a third party Internet IP protection platform, in order to explore and innovate an IP protection model in the Internet market; create an open, standardized, credible, and safe Internet trading environment; and promote the long-term healthy development of the e-commerce market through large data monitoring and analysis.