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The CECC Will Establish A Strategic Cooperation with Sinofaith

时间: 2016-02-29

In recent years, the domestic electronics industry has constantly reinforced the informatization construction of the Internet IP protection; has further widened the channels for right safeguarding aid and complaint reports from enterprises and the public; and has took advantage of Internet big data to monitor, analyze, and track the circulation condition of consumer electronics. Recently, the CECC has established a strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Sinofaith IP Group, a service corporation that specializes in third-party IP protection. At the 10th Conference of Consumer Electronics Industry Customer Service which will be held at the Beijing Wanshou Hotel on March 10, the two sides will sign a strategic cooperation agreement. Sinofaith will become the first intellectual property protection recommended service partner specified by the CECC. IPRSEE Internet IP protection and right safeguarding platform will also monitor the consumer electronics market to provide more than 5,000 CECC member enterprises with IP protection services and support.

According to the introduction, in order to further promote the application of information technology, there are certain things that are crucial in the Internet-related development trend of the entire industry today. These include promoting Internet service in entire industry; innovating the service industry; and particularly with regard to IP protection, making use of Internet big data to create favorable conditions for upgrading the consumer electronics industry customer service. Relevant CECC government departments, well-known media, and relevant enterprises in entire industry jointly hold the 10th National Consumer Electronics Industry Customer Service Conference. The development opportunities of Internet service will be comprehensively interpreted. Consumers' legitimate rights and interests are protected, as well as maintaining the interests of enterprise service innovation. Strategic cooperation with Sinofaith effectively implements the purpose of Internet service development. Meanwhile, the conference organizers will publish the 2015 Annual Consumer Electronics Industry Customer Service Blue Paper in conjunction with the CECC, Xinhua, Zero Group, Sohu Technology, and more.

Established in 1988, the CECC is under the guidance of the Ministry of Information Industry on its business development. Nowadays, the CECC is the largest organization in the circulation of electronic information industry, under the guidance of the Ministry of Information Industry. The CECC has a total of 21 local branches and 11 special committees, and six industry alliances, with direct affiliated members, members of local branches, and members of special committees, which totals more than 5,000 members, including enterprises such as Samsung, Panasonic, Haier, Lenovo, Hitachi, HP, JING DONG, Suning, and more. By taking "strengthening of IP protection and promoting IP utilization" as a guiding principle, Sinofaith has developed into one of the largest domestic IP protection service providers. Its service covers the full phase of "acquiring IP, protecting IP, and utilizing IP", helping enterprises to improve their comprehensive capacity by taking advantage of the IP and guarantee that the enterprise can deal with an everchanging and complex environment.

Through this cooperation, the both sides will play their respective resource advantages to create a good IP protection atmosphere for enterprises, by encouraging innovation, protecting innovation and providing efficient, convenient, and professional IP consultation services and development services; enhance the both sides' service levels; expand the scope of services; and innovate service mechanisms. to help member enterprises conduct work related to IP protection.