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Innovation-Driven Wins the Future As Sinofaith Wins Another Award

时间: 2016-01-27

Recently, the opening ceremony of the 6th China IP International Annual Forum was held in Beijing. This session's forum was themed "IP Route and Strategy: Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises" and it attracted hundreds of IP service agencies from different countries. Approximately 400 enterprise in-house IP managers attended this conference. The Shanghai Sinofaith IP Group attended the conference and received the "2015 Influential IP Innovation" Award.

The China IP Annual Forum is the most prestigious annual activity in the domestic IP industry and receives considerable attention and anticipation in the industry. Winning the "2015 Influential IP Innovation" award fully reflects that Sinofaith performs continuous introspection and exploration under the traditional service mode, thus performing overall Internet transformation and innovation on the traditional IP protection and service industry. At the forum, Mr. Jingheng Zhong, a chief IP operating officer at Sinofaith, shared the current hot topic of "Patent Operation and the Use of Financial Tools" in detail.

"Building a powerful IP country and supporting innovation-driven development" has become one of the hot topics in 2015 in the IP industry. Over the last year, Sinofaith's innovation development, commercial mode, and development potential in the IP protection field were highly recognized by the government, enterprises, and the capital market. In the IP protection field, Sinofaith provides systematic and comprehensive solutions. Its service covers the full phase of "acquiring IP, protecting IP, and utilizing IP". With its professional service teams, forward-looking concept, sustainable innovation based on customers' requirements, and the increasing speed of Internet and capital's power, Sinofaith is accelerating forging an IP service brand with international influence. This serves the strategic goal of making China into an innovative country and makes contributions to the continuous development of the economy and society.