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The Equal Quality Parts IP Service Center's Board Award Ceremony Held in Beijing

时间: 2016-01-25

The China Automotive Maintenance And Repair Trade Association Auto Repair Parts Commeerre (CAMRA-ARPC) established the Equal Quality Parts IP Service Center in Beijing on January 24, 2016. As a lead enterprise advocating a one-stop solution of IP protection services, Sinofaith was authorized to be responsible for the center's daily operation. 

This action is another significant measure of improving CAMRA-ARPC's self-discipline; promoting social collegiality; promoting enterprises and government departments to conduct joint counterfeiting; protecting good quality products; implementing the main responsibility of enterprises' product quality; strengthening the degree of IP protection; and maintaining enterprises and consumers' rights, following China Automobile Parts "collaborative anti-fraud website" which was established in July 2014.

On the board-awarding ceremony, Wei Tongwei, the secretary general of the CAMRA-ARPC, spoke highly of Sinofaith's overall internetiolization transformation of traditional IP protection and service industry as well as the implementation of Internet and IP protection strategy. He was also highly anticipating relying on Sinofaith's Internet platform technical advantages and implementation capability to serve 430,000 maintenance enterprises and 100,000 automotive manufactures, thus achieving O2O “one-stop” IP services.

The Equal Quality Parts IP Service Center will reportedly recently focus on establishing a secure auto repair and automotive quality service certification system and start providing innovation and competition strategy as well as brand and IP protection training services for automobile maintenance industry participants. This will promote social forces to cultivate and establish a sophisticated, equal quality parts market system. 

The center's mid- to long-term goal is to provide support for the CAMRA-ARPC on maintenance parts code unification, handling complaint calls, insurance claims, government monitoring, and mass data platform of cloud platform service standardization. At the same time, the center will extend its IP services from the microeconomic and enterprise management consultation services to each phase of the equal quality parts, such as manufacturing, circulation distribution, logistics distribution, service installation, complaint call handling, insurance claim, government monitoring, and cloud platform mass data services. 

Sinofaith will assist CAMRA-ARPC in contributing to implementing the equal quality parts trilogy plans, establishing equal quality parts quality certification system, and establishing two public welfare brands (secure auto repair and secure automotive).