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Sinofaith Helps: Foundation of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Society

时间: 2016-01-21

On January 20, the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Society foundation ceremony and China's First Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Integrated Service Platform startup ceremony was held. The Sinofaith IP Group and MXshare provide comprehensive IP services and technical support to the platform.

The China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Integrated Service Platform is in Zhangjiang in order to fully carry out construction. The platform will become China's first free trading zone IP integrated service platform. The platform will focus on technology and innovation center construction and free trading zone construction to provide integrated services, such as patent creation, management, utilization and protection.

Meanwhile, China's first free trading zone society has been approved by the Civil Administration Department and work will begin. The society was launched and co-founded by many influential law firms, service agencies, and representative high-tech enterprises in the IP field.

In the startup ceremony, a society representative signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Written Works Copyright Society and China Film Copyright Association (Collective).


Construction Basis and Target

In 2012, Shanghai issued the "Shanghai Intellectual Property Strategy Outline (2011-2020)," which includes strengthening administrative protection of intellectual property as a key element. Intellectual property protection goals are inspected based on the objective and purpose of the establishment of the free trading zone. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of intellectual property in the free trading zone; to improve the level of intellectual property protection and build the distribution center position of the free trading zone; to strengthen the construction of IP basic service infrastructure in the free trading zone; and to strengthen IP public service mechanism in the free trading zone, thus building a "one-stop" IP service public platform.

The China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Service Platform is positioned as a "platform for serving the platform", and the platform gathers resources and services by integrating and accessing the service resources of other existing IP service public platforms and by melting related service with guidance of the companies' needs of IP services.

I. The platform will undertake the foreign affairs services functions of the Intellectual Property Office of the Pudong New Area as well as provide IP public services to companies and service institutions.

II. The platform will provide services for domestic and foreign companies.

III. The platform will provide a big data platform for collecting data from all aspects of IP management to the China (Shanghai) free trading zone management.

IV. The platform will establish and improve IP management mechanisms and IP management talent training mechanisms for companies in the free trading zone in order to improve companies' awareness of intellectual property.

V. The platform provides a stop service system of patent creation, management, use, and protection to the companies in the free trading zone. VI. The platform provides a reproducible IP public platform mode for various free trading zones in China.

Construction Content

The China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Intellectual Property Service Platform has a core goal of meeting the companies' needs for intellectual property services. It relies on cloud computing, mobile Internet, social networking, and big data technology to fully gather the government's public service resources and third parties social services resources in order to provide comprehensive and personalized IP services.

The platform is mainly divided into portals, public services, business services, and professional services.

One comprehensive service portal: effectively integrating various IP services provided by the government, public service agencies, and business community agencies and providing companies in a convenient, credible, and comprehensive manner.

Three classes of service channels: with the core of the IP services needs of the companies, channel for constructing public services, channel for commercial services, and channel for professional services.

Fourteen service sections: in accordance with the practical needs of enterprises, news and information construction, policy finance, access query, statistical analysis, IP hosting, intellectual property agents, intellectual property operations, intellectual property rights, intellectual property financing, intermediary services, international business, experts library, training activities, and membership management; meanwhile, the 14 service sections are subdivided into 51 sub service sections.

Five service channels: Web, APP, hotlines, self-service terminals, and network entities.