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Fortune Capital Establishes A B2B Strategic Alliance & Sinofaith Joins "Into The Future" Alliance

时间: 2015-12-28

Recently, the "Into The Future" B2B Strategic Alliance, launched by a domestic well-known investment institution, Fortune Capital, is based in Shanghai. The alliance was initiated by Fortune Capital, and was created by combining 10 institutions, such as iResearch, Focus Media, Blue Focus, LKK,, Tonglukuaijian, and Sinofaith.

Every sponsor of the alliance is a top company and founder in China’s B2B field and has an unparalleled advantage in different fields of service B2B companies. On the basis of the "Into The Future" B2B Strategic Alliance of the Fortune Capital, the best domestic B2B companies joined together, gathering industry intelligence to build China's most influential new platform for cooperation and high-end think tank of the industry. the alliance will play a prominent role in promoting the development of China's B2B industry.

The CEO of Sinofaith was invited to attend the Inaugural Council of the B2B strategic alliance. Being one of the largest IP protection providers in China, the Shanghai Sinofaith IP Group is the only IP service company in the B2B strategic alliance. In an age when everyone can start a business and innovate, the protection of innovation and development attracts more and more attention. Sinofaith has more than 10 years of rich experience and extensive practice in IP services while keeping up with the pace of the mobile Internet era. Sinofaith has introduced an IP hosted platform "EASY-IP" for start-ups, platforms "IPRSEE" and "IPRTEXT" for intelligent monitoring E-Business and copyright by applying mobile Internet and Big Data. Thus, Sinofaith completely reconstructed the application scenarios of the intellectual property industry in the modern era

As one of the B2B strategic alliance members, Sinofaith will fully cooperate with other excellent companies in the alliance in aspects of customer resources, technology and information, essential productive factors recombination etc., in order to provide better IP chain services for more companies in China as well as excavate trillions of from the B2B market.