Commercial Investigation

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Main Services

 Corporate research and due diligence

    • Due diligence of M & A target

     • Due diligence of potential partners

     • Credit survey of existing / potential suppliers


  Employee onboarding review

    • Education / CV review

     • Bad record investigation

     • Conflict of interest investigation


  Corporate Credit Report

    • Business truth

     • Financial status

     • Negative record

     • Competitive intelligence


  Employee misconduct investigation

    • Duty embezzlement

     • Theft

     • Corruption

     • Non-competition etc.


  Litigation support

    • Business secret management (management evidence that meets the requirements of the court)

     • Electronic data forensics

     • Intellectual Property Judicial Expertise

     • Others


  Property clue (enterprises and individuals)


Working Process





  Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

    • Finished drugs

     • Active Ingredients / Intermediates

     • Medical devices

  Industrial Products

    • Hardware and tools

     • Construction materials

     • Industrial gas products

     • PE Products

     • Telecommunication cables and consumables

  Power & Energy

    • Nuclear

     • Hydra Power

     • Photovoltaic power generation

     • Wind Power

     • Thermo

  Electronics/ Semi-conductor

    • IC

     • Automation

     • Silicon wafer

     • Mobile handset

     • Instruments


    • Boiler and power generator

     • Refrigeration systems

     • Manufacturing equipment and module such as servo systems

     • Packing machinery

  Modern Services

    • Parcel delivery

     • IT software design


Main Clients

All enterprises with the above requirements.

Above 90% of our clients are foreign companies. Many of them are among the leading multi-national corporations.

Most clients of Sinofatih belong to the manufacturing industry.

Case Studies

1.Investigation/evidence collection of suspected car safety belt infringement

    The client is a Swedish automotive electronic safety system company.A suspected infringing car seat belt product is found in the Chinese market. The manufacturer has been identified through purchasing samples. Sinofaith was entrusted to investigate the manufacturer’s operation status and fix the infringing evidence to support the subsequent litigation.

  Project Overview

    • Sinofaith investigators gained information of production and sales of infringing products by the company and its affiliated companies through field investigation.

     • Sinofaith investigators obtained evidence of the target company operating infringing products through notarized purchases.


  Project follow-up

    The client sent a warning letter to the company. A year later Sinofaith investigated the target again and found that the company was still operating infringing products. Sinofaith notarized the infringing products again.


  Project result

    Delivery of investigation report and notarized sealed samples and notarial deed.



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