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1. IP Protection

Anti-Counterfeiting Administrative & Criminal Enforcement

Customs Border IPR Protection

Online IPR Protection

Exhibition IPR Protection

Litigation Claim Filing

Litigation Management


2. Anti-Counterfeiting Laborator

Purchase Testing

•  Targeted evidential test purchasing program

•  Provision of monthly overview report (false rate & regional distribution)

•  Regular intelligence analysis reports (phase by phase)


•  Online e-commerce platform monitoring

•  Online social media platform monitoring

•  Offline market census

Big Data Platform for Safeguarding Rights

•  Retention of all historical data on customer brand protection

•  Make intuitive statistics on the effectiveness of brand protection so that customers can have a comprehensive understanding of the brand protection situation, and thus grasp the initiative in brand protection.

•  The historical infringement data sets are integrated and a visual interface formed, and thus achieving the effect of conveniently combing the counterfeit infringement industry.

•  It is convenient for customers to consult relevant brand protection data online at any time.


•  Assist customers to do fake sample analysis

•  Search and analyze counterfeit product versions

•  Tracing the target market of counterfeit products

•  Assist customers in sample training

Sample Storage

•  Systematic management of samples

•  Storage of samples

•  Management overview function

•  Sample destruction

Electronic Data Evidence Acquisition

•  Data analysis and retention to rights related big data platform

•  Issue data analysis report, search and chart the counterfeit industry chain, and provide upstream and downstream information guidelines.



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