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Rights Knights

Copyright services for individual creators. The Bean Network provides products and services such as copyright monitoring, copyright protection, and copyright distribution tools to more than 60,000 individual authors, helping individual creators maintain an excellent environment for copyright operations and gain more content exposure and distribution benefits.


Whale IP

Whale IP is a one-stop copyright service product for entertainment content companies. It is committed to accelerating copyright circulation through technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data,providing a complete set of copyright management SaaS+ services including copyright asset identification, management, monitoring, protection and trading,for content companies such as education, media, novels and images.At present, this set of copyright management and protection service system has been used by well-known Chinese content companies such as igetget,sanjieke,kuaikanmanhua,chuapp and xiachufang.


Shi Zhi Media

With more than 60,000 high-quality media resources, the Bean Network can obtain commercial communication data of all media through the self-developed monitoring system. It can accurately evaluate the commercial value of all media and provide customized marketing planning for different types of brands. This enables the most cost-effective interaction between advertisers and premium creative media.



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