Market Research

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Main Services

  Industry analysis and market entry support

    • Macro policy analysis

     • Market estimates (current market estimates, future growth forecasts)

     • Analysis of competitors (competitive landscape, comparison of major competitors)

     • users research

     • Market entry analysis and recommendations (entry barriers and methods to overcome, entry points, promotion channels, etc.)


  Competitor analysis and continuous monitoring

    • Market competition overview

     • Competitor positioning and analysis

     • Dynamic competitive intelligence monitoring


  Rapid response research

    • Solve the intelligence needs in the way of "question and answer", quickly provide clients with specific information


  Media monitoring

    • Regulations and environmental changes

     • End user market changes

     • Competitor dynamics


  Sales and market intelligence


  Tradeshow intelligence


  Qualitative and quantitative market research


Working Process





  Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

    • Finished drugs

     • Active Ingredients / Intermediates

     • Medical devices

  Industrial Products

    • Hardware and tools

     • Construction materials

     • Industrial gas products

     • PE Products

     • Telecommunication cables and consumables

  Power & Energy

    • Nuclear

     • Hydra Power

     • Photovoltaic power generation

     • Wind Power

     • Thermo

  Electronics/ Semi-conductor

    • IC

     • Automation

     • Silicon wafer

     • Mobile handset

     • Instruments


    • Boiler and power generator

     • Refrigeration systems

     • Manufacturing equipment and module such as servo systems

     • Packing machinery

  Modern Services

    • Parcel delivery

     • IT software design


Main Clients

All enterprises with the above requirements.

Above 90% of our clients are foreign companies. Many of them are among the leading multi-national corporations.

Most clients of Sinofatih belong to the manufacturing industry.

Case Studies

1.Major competitors research in the Chinese market


   The client is an American manufacturer of electronic products and has established a company locally in China. The product line covers multiple fields, from manufacturing instruments to core components of automation systems.

   Project Overview

    • Project objectives:

       - In-depth study of the current manufacturing and R & D situation of new products of three competitors

       - Sales of specific products of major competitors

       - Evaluate competitors' strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of product quality, pricing, user evaluation, R & D capabilities, etc.

    • Methodology:

       - Desk study of industry profiles

       - Interviews with current and ex-employees of the target company


2.Ignition module market research


   The client is an ignition module supplier in the United States and intends to expand into the Chinese market. Sinofaith was entrusted to do the market research to evaluate the market size and market segmentation of ignition modules and thus help client make the right decision.

   Project Overview

    • Research objectives:

       - Evaluate the market size and market segmentation of general ignition devices in China

       - Understand the current application status and development trend of the ignition device

       - Understand government policies and macro environment

       - Put forward an analysis of the competition situation and some suggestions to enter the Chinese market

    • Methodology:

       - Interviews with leading manufacturers in the industry: 5 in Chongqing, 2 in Anhui, and 1 in Zhejiang

       - Face-to-face interviews with experts from related industries or institutions

       - Desk research related government policies and regulations

    • Conclusions and results:

       - Put forward four suggestions regarding Chinese market entry


3.Solenoid valve industry Research


    In order to discover the potential market segment of the solenoid valve and its new market expansion opportunities in China, the client commissioned a consulting service to understand the situation of the Chinese market and competitors.

    Project Overview

     • The consultation lasted for 2 months, focusing on the following aspects

         - In-depth market research in the solenoid valve industry

         - In-depth interviews with 9 competitors, 33 end users, and digital experts

         - In-depth research on market segmentation and user segmentation

         - Analysis of sales channels, market entry strategies and industry development trends

      • Conclusions and results:

         - Sinofaith helped client discover potential markets and suitable sales channels

         - Sinofaith assisted client in adjusting market strategy and product positioning


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