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Top global IP in culture and art including the British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery, V&A Museum, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and BBC Earth.


1.Further Exploitation of IP Assets

Alfilo has set up IP exploitation studios in Los Angeles and Shanghai to develop cultural and art IP of various themes based on global trends every year. We have launched a range of themes including “Radiance of Egypt (光恋埃及)”, “Greek Extravaganza (希腊盛典)”, and “Collision of Chinese and Western Cultures—Haicuo Tu vs. Natural History (中西文化对撞 - 海错图VS博物志).” We provide business partners with IP materials, copywriting, and images that can be used directly in product design.


2.Merchandise Licensing

Alfilo is cooperating with leading companies across all sectors like Amazon, Estee Lauder, Nestle, Ferrero Group, The Beast, Xiaomi, Meitu, By-Health, L’Oréal, and M&G to launch IP themed merchandise. Our IP assets enable our partners to improve their sales and brand identity.


3.Experiential Retail

In the experience economy age, consumers pay more attention to the experience delivered by a product than its functions. Alfilo has partnered with Shanghai Xintiandi and LCM to establish offline museum experience venues in commercial real estate like shopping centers, which attract a large number of customers for them. At the same time, we also inject premium cultural content into the real estate projects and build distinctive cultural and artistic characteristics into the towns.

•  British Museum’s offline experience venue “Everlasting Mystery (亘古奥秘)” at Shanghai LCM

•  “British Museum’s Experience Venue in Cloud” at Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center

•  V&A Museum’s offline experience venue “Glamorous Era (魅力时代)” at Shanghai Xintiandi & Guitang

•  National Gallery’s offline experience venue “European Masters - Interactive Experience Venue” at Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza


4.Content Matrix

To explore the value of IP assets, we need premium content and sound marketing strategies. Joining hands with various museums and partners, Alfilo has rapidly created a matrix of diversified content (including short videos, variety shows, audio content, cartoons, and talk shows) that attract huge customer flows for our partners and multiply our ability to monetize the IP assets.


5.Marketing Activities

Alfilo has established long-term cooperation with Amazon, Alibaba,, Netease, and Trends Group to provide them with innovative marketing ideas and experience. We offer a wide range of innovative and interesting marketing activities in which licensed businesses can engage.

•  British Museum x Alfilo x Tmall Double 12 “Night at the Museum (博物馆奇喵夜)”

•  British Museum “5.17 Ready to Rally (一呼万in)”

•  “Fashion & Beyond” Fashion Night

•  “Art Gallery” at Shanghai South Shaanxi Road Metro Station



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