Trademark Right Filing and Prosecution

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China's trademark registration and the number of trademark related cases ranked first in the world in recent several consecutive years, which not only reflects the raising awareness of the importance of trademark and its protection, but also reflects the serious challenge faced by honest market players in the field of trademark filing and prosecution. Frequent bad faith registration like  "passing-off" and "malicious trademark registration" and bad faith initiatives regarding determination of trademark right, typically trademark invalidations, trademark oppositions and “cancellation of registered trademarks which have ceased to be used for three consecutive years” have brought to right holders threats and damages like dropping of sales, serious trademark dilution and shelving of business plans.

Sinofaith professional intellectual property lawyers team led by well-known trademark lawyers with over 20 years of experience, has been providing services including overall trademark strategy consultation, application, monitoring and legal services on case of determination of trademark right, to fortune 500 MNCs and domestic enterprises. In the practice of trademark legal affairs over the years, Sinofaith intellectual property lawyer team established a profound understanding of the present situation and trend of Chinese trademark legislation and judicature, has accumulated considerable practice and litigation skills, and has been equipped with the ability to help clients to solve complex and difficult trademark filing and prosecution issues.


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