Audit and Inspection Service

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Who Do We Check

  • Boutique Hair Salon & Beauty salon chain

  • 4S Shop & Car repair shop

  • Chain stores & Catering/food/health products chain stores

  • Chain hotels & Chain travel agencies

  • Event / Meeting site


What Do We Check

  • Store environment

  • Service standards

  • Commercial activity

  • user experience


Review Process

How to Synchronize Information

PC terminal

  • Data collection: real-time input on the mobile phone

  • On-site positioning: quality control management

  • On-site recording: information can be traced back


Background remote management system

  • Task instruction: data collectors can view at any time

  • Process monitoring: remotely manage data collectors

  • Data review: review data and quality control in real time


Client database

  • Data details: view and use field data in time

  • Data analysis: customized based on client's analysis dimension

  • Data feedback: timely feedback on-site situation so as to fine-tune strategy


Executive Characteristics


    • Operation efficiency

      Deployment within 48 hours

    • Coverage

      Decentralize to 5-6 tier cities

    • Cost Control

      Significant savings in travel costs

    • Quality Control

      Remote monitoring and traceability

    • Database

      Data precipitation, visualization

    • AI check

      Photo watermark, data check

    • Data accuracy

      On-site collection, background synchronization

    • Data timeliness

      The data can be presented immediately


Case Studies

1.Mega project of hotel chain external audit


    • All over the country, decentralizing to 4-6 tier cities

     • Large sample size: more than 3,000 hotels per month

     • Type of check: authorized

     • Audit content : Check whether there is a difference between the real-time online room map and the actual room status; For the room with inconsistency, take corresponding evidence and ask the person in charge to sign for confirmation; collect information for evidence in disputed rooms

     • Client needs: real-time data check


2.Channel compliance infringement investigation 


    • Whether there are illegal publicity in offline channels, failure to abide by price guidance, sales of competing brand products, etc.

     • Monitor and investigate the situation of unauthorized stores and clear up market in time


    • Check if authorized stores comply with promotion / sales policies

     • Find unauthorized stores leads to clear the market and protect regional market revenue


    • National Market Census

     • Network big data monitoring


    • Authorized store

     • Unauthorized stores

     • Imitation of Famous Brands stores


    • Store specific address, store decoration

     • Salesperson's business card

     • Logo usage and photos

     • In-store products / prices / promotions

     • Sample purchase


3.Solenoid valve industry Research


    • Compliance management

     • High timeliness: within 24 hours from notification to inspector arrangement

     • Check content: time, place, participants, cost, process

     • Quantity :more than 1000



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