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Cathay Group – Sinofaith's founding partner at BRIdge - already present in 60 countries from five continents, 34 of which are involved in the Belt and Road initiative.


BRIdge (the name reflecting the abbreviation of the Belt and Road Initiative) is boosting Chinese companies to go abroad, conducting business, investment, trade, and participating in tenders for countries along the Belt and Road. For any Chinese company that wants to do business abroad, BRIdge is a quality, one-stop, 360-degree digital support.

We boast:

The latest, quality local business information, news and business intelligence

√In-depth industry guide

Investment objectives

Tender information


A trusted local professional Advisor


Selected products to be imported

The key industries and related sectors of BRIdge are mainly aligned with the focus of the Belt and Road Initiative, covering key industries that are important and valuable to Chinese companies and the overall Chinese economy:

New technology /Renewable Energy /Agriculture /Food industry /Infrastructure /Manufacturing /Natural resources /Trade /IT and communications /Medical care and pharma /Green IT


SiNexus provides help to Chinese companies in gaining Western innovation, new technology and know-how (whether creative, prototype or off-the-shelf solutions) that are brand new to the Chinese market. SiNexu helps the Belt and Road countries and their best new technologies to enter China. As the gateway for Western companies to find their partners in China, it will also contribute to the realization of the “Made in China 2025” strategy.

SiNexus will operate in three main channels to reach Chinese companies that eager to acquire new technologies:

The integration with BRIdge

A separate app and website 

Physical display space

The SiNexus Center in Shanghai will have:

National pavilions

Western Innovator Pavilion

Incubation areas

The business processes:

1.Government and local innovation agencies select and screen local innovations

2.Chinese companies access these carefully selected quality innovations through digital channels and physical display spaces

3.Western and Chinese governments provide funding for matching and individual entrepreneurship, including key costs associated with the first step of selected innovations in China or initial life cycle.

4.With the support of the government, SiNexus and Sinofaith will help Western companies to register and protect their intellectual property rights in China. 

5.Selected Western Innovators—whose innovations have practical implications for China—will send representatives to meet with Chinese companies, showcase their innovations, and reach agreements with appropriate Chinese partners. 

6.SiNexus will support the entire process from the organization's first visit, through facilitating negotiations, to providing legal and financial support for the partnership.

7.We are always committed to mutually beneficial cooperation, and the win-win model continues to create value for China and the West. This can be reflected, for example, in licensing or franchise transactions where Chinese companies share the profits they earn by using Western innovation.


BRIdge & SiNexus share the same network of partners throughout the Belt and Road countries and in China.

our partners:

Government/ National Investment Promotion Agency/ Business promotion agency /Innovation Support Agency /Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Business Association /Think tank /Investment consultant and broker /Business consultant /Business incubators and accelerators



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