Professional IP Operation

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Based on the intellectual property operation needs of IP obligees, we’ve closely cooperated with various IP obligees and their stakeholders by virtue of our rich experience in IP investigation, implementation and negotiation of IP licenses, law enforcement protection, rights protection, IP strategy development, etc., and provided them with professional, efficient and comprehensive IP operation agency services in order to maximize the commercial value of intellectual assets and boost the virtuous cycle of innovative activities.


Service Targets

Large and medium enterprises, small and micro-sized innovative enterprises, colleges and universities and their technology transfer centers, scientific research institutions, individual inventors, etc.


Scope of Cooperation 

IP operations program consulting service, IP licensing service, patent relicensing and sublicensing service, patent cross-licensing negotiation service, IP value protection service and other IP operational services.


Core Competitiveness

Rich IP operational experience 

Innovative multi-win business model 

Open and cooperative business philosophy

Complete IP operational support ability